February, 2019

Essentia Partners with Blockacademy

New Partners: Blockacademy

We are delighted and proud to announce that Essentia has partnered with Blockacademy — an institution dedicated to education in the blockchain sphere through immersive practical courses in different cities across Europe.

MTK: Insights into Building the World’s First Govt. Blockchain for Finland

MTK: Development and App Designs

Over the past few months, we have been in discussion with representatives from the Government of Finland and we are now excited to announce that Essentia has addressed issues raised and have offered workable solutions which are now in development stages.

Essentia February ’19 Monthly Update

February Monthly Update: dStorages, Blockchain, Events

Here we look back at the milestones we hit and what steps we took to realize our goals!

January, 2019

Essentia in Davos & BEF: Recap and Photos

Essentia Visits: Davos

What could be a better way to communicate with our community than being a part of such widespread conferences which gather thousands with dozens of subsidiary events? 

Essentia Team Attending Blockchain Economic Forum

Meet Us: BEF

 We’re delighted to announce that Essentia founders Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Mirco Mongiardino, and Business Development Head Bedros Awanesian are going to attend one of the most anticipated events of 2019 — Blockchain Economic Forum.

7 Essential Crypto Features You May Have Never Heard Of

Features of the Future Crypto World

When the bear market pivots and the bulls come back to run, there are few projects and tokens that are built to survive and thrive in the new blockchain landscape to come.

Essentia January Monthly Update

January Monthly Update: iOS ver release, Blockchain development updates.

As we scale to new heights, let’s look at what the team was doing during the busy holiday season month!

December, 2018

Essentia Desktop is out!

Big release: Essentia for Windows, Linux/Ubuntu and MacOS!

We are excited to present Essentia Desktop v 0.0.1! We have taken into account all the suggestions and comments from our community and have developed a program which will allow you to control your tradings and investments effortlessly with just one click — from your PC.

Essentia December Monthly Update

December Monthly Update: Official Android release, GitHub

The mobile applications, desktop application, our own blockchain — check out how far along the development has come so far!

November, 2018

Is Essentia Open Source?

To be open source, or not to be?

The current situation on the development market can be very discouraging some days. 

Essentia November Monthly Update

November Monthly Update: Android Beta test, Desktop, Blockchain News

The last thirty days were really characterized with non-stop development and constant updates — not surprising since we’re working on Essentia Desktop, Essentia Mobile, and our independent blockchain in parallel!

The Essentia team attending Devcon

Essentia Visits: Devcon4 Report!

While our best engineers were back at the labs preparing the Essentia mobile app, we were in Prague getting busy with one of the most important conferences in the industry.

October, 2018

Meet Essentia Founders & Team on Devcon4!

Meet us: Devcon4!

We’re excited to announce that our team will soon be attending one of the biggest blockchain events of the year — Devcon4! 

Essentia October Monthly Update

October Monthly Update: Mobile, Desktop, MTK Updates

Let’s review how far we’ve already come this month and what milestones we managed to reach.

Essentia Technical AMA Recap

Q&A: Reddit AMA Recap

On Tuesday, October 2nd, we were delighted to hold an event that really helped us get plenty of feedback — Essentia’s first Technical AMA session. 

Essentia for Mobile: Development Report!

How Far Along is the Development of the Mobile App

Long days of labor have passed and we have implemented many more features, so without further ado, let’s have a look!

September, 2018

Interview with Essentia’s Tech Team Lead: Pilot for Finland

Essentia’s Tech Team Lead on the Blockchain solution for Finland

 The development of the pilot application is in full swing and we want to make sure our community is kept in the loop!

General Overview: Essentia Blockchain

Essentia Blockchain: General Overview

The framework is designed so that, once live, we can continue to build and add features to expand the scope of value for users and remain up to date with emerging technologies.

Introducing: The Essentia Mainnet Chain

Essentia Blockchain: Main technical properties

The Essentia chain has taken into consideration the multitude of relevant factors when creating and implementing the blockchain network

Essentia September Monthly Update

September Monthly Update: Essentia mobile, events.

Essentia labs are kicking it up a gear while further developments are in the works. Let’s take a look back on what went on during the last month.

August, 2018

Essentia Web Ubuntu (Linux) Installation Guide

Here you will find a quick guide to ensure the installation process goes as smooth as possible.

Essentia Web MacOS Installation Guide

Essentia Web Windows Installation Guide

Access the new Essentia framework today!

At long last, the time to unveil the new framework has arrived and have made our new web application (Essentia Web) available for download!

Weekly Updates

From now on we will be publishing the weekly report on our Medium blog in this exact post. We will be adding new updates to the top of the article so that you could quickly check up on Essentia every moment.

Essentia August Monthly Update

August Monthly Update: Essentia Desktop, tokens, partnerships

d-Day is approaching as Essentia prepares for one of its most significant releases to date! After a year of design and refinement, the engineers are polishing off the desktop version of the Essentia app set to be released at the end of this month.

Essentia to partner with Cryptograph

New partnership: Cryptograph

Cryptograph is a platform that aims to provide its audience with news, analysis, market predictions, and any relevant issues emerging in the crypto society worldwide.

Sneak peek at the Essentia product!

Desktop Version: Overview

Soon we will be announcing the release of our desktop, iOS and Android app for users to easily access Essentia on their preferred device. Not only that, but we will supplement our release with many more exciting new features, new native integrations, and new concepts!

July, 2018

Essentia at Korea Blockchain Week and Beyond Blocks in Seoul 2018

Essentia Visits: Korea Blockchain Week and Beyond Blocks

Last week, the Essentia team took part in Asia’s most prominent blockchain conference! Of course, we’re talking about the esteemed Korea Blockchain Week and Beyond Blocks that was held from July 16–20th in Seoul, South Korea.

Essentia Announces partnership with SWIPE

New cooperation: SWIPE

Our cooperation with SWIPE will allow us to effectively reach this market and spread the value of the Essentia Application.

Here’s why ESS tokens have among the strongest utility in the market

ESS is a utility token: Here’s why.

Here’s how ESS offers unbounded real-world utility for token holders. Above all, ESS tokens are used by the visionaries among us to lubricate the cogs in the blockchain revolutionary machine.

Essentia partners with APIS

A series of partnerships: APIS

This partnership will allow more individual users to take part in operating Essentia masternodes, as APIS plans to mediate them. More people can engage in our vision and help further decentralize our network.

Essentia partners with BitForex and Crypto Capital

A series of partnerships: BitForex and Crypto Capital

Those two projects will be helping us to build a thriving ecosystem of users and projects. As a well-renowned agency, we look forward to working together to share the promise of Essentia with industry leaders.

Essentia is now listed on seven Exchanges

Get your tokens: ESS is listed on 7 exchanges.

One question that we’ve received a lot from our community is where it is possible to get ESS tokens. In order to shed light on where the Essentia token has been listed (so far), we’ve made a helpful list.

Essentia token (ESS) officially listed and available for trading on Bitfinex

Get your ESS: Now on Bitfinex

We are proud to announce that the Essentia token (ESS) has officially been listed and made available for trading on Bitfinex — one of the most prominent exchanges in blockchain.

Essentia July Monthly Update

July Monthly Update: New advisor, hackathon and hardcap.

The public engagement ended with the best possible result! Now Essentia can grow at an even faster rate! This report will touch on the hardcap and also introduce you to our new advisor, development breakthroughs, the ecosystem fund and our new partnerships.

June, 2018

Finland Govt. Adopts Essentia.One To Build International Blockchain Logistic Hub

Essentia and Governments: New pilot to be developed

Essentia.One — the decentralized interoperability protocol — has announced it’s partnership with the Finland Govt. to develop a second pilot. This time Essentia will focus on building blockchain based solutions in the field of smart logistics.

How to contribute to the Essentia TGE

How to: Contribute to the Essentia public engagement

The Essentia Token Generation event is around the corner, and we are thrilled to share with you a detailed guide on how to make your contribution.

Essentia integrates leading dEx-exchanges ForkDelta & IDEX

New dApps: ForkDelta and IDEX now available

Essentia has always placed users’ security and convenience above anything else, so from now on users can enjoy simple and secure exchanges – ForkDelta and IDEX.

Essentia partners with international capital firm LinkVC

Way to go: Essentia partners with LinkVC

Essentia has stated that the diversity of LinkVC will not only provide strategic financial advice and assistance, but also rare insights into the blockchain economy and its legal landscape. launches $11m fund to foster the growth of projects built upon its protocol

Big news: $11m Fund will be launched

The decentralized interoperability protocol Essentia is set to launch a fund valued at over $11 million to expand their ecosystem and incentivize projects to be built on top of the platform.

Login to Essentia with your Hardware Wallet: Trezor or Ledger Nano S!

How to: Access Essentia using HW wallets.

The process of signing in with Trezor or Ledger is quick and simple! As a walkthrough, and also to highlight the features, we’ve prepared for you a video guide on how to access Essentia using HW wallets.

Essentia partners with internationally acclaimed capital firm dFund

New partners: dFund

As one of the earliest cryptocurrency funds operating within the blockchain economy, dFund has built a reputation based on their wealth of experience. By carefully selecting promising projects to support, they aim to bring blockchain technology to mainstream adoption by investing in its future.

Essentia June Monthly Update

June Monthly Update: ForkDelta, Wiki, and new advisors

The update of the month: Ran Neu-Ner, one of the most influential people in the crypto world, and Kenetic Capital , a blockchain firm committed to expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms, joined our advisory board!

Essentia unveils world’s first Multi-Chain Interoperable dAppstore

Major update: Multi-chain Interoperable dAppstore

The crypto world took a giant leap forward this week with Essentia announcing their multi-chain passwordless dAppstore. This innovation has led many to believe the future of interoperability between blockchains and decentralized services is not as far off as originally estimated.

Essentia Announces Partnership With GANA

Expanding the ecosystem: GANA

GANA will support Essentia’s platform expansion and commercialization. In particular, blockchain research on linking certificate issuance and offline goods data will be an avenue of cooperation between GANA and Essentia.

May, 2018

10+ Reasons to Be Excited About Essentia

Why Essentia?

Here’s ten reasons why Essentia has the potential to break the internet of fragmentation and propel us towards mainstream blockchain adoption.

Essentia at Consensus 2018

Essentia Visits: Consensus 2018 (photo report)

Essentia’s Founder, Matteo Gianpientro Zago, unexpectedly in the last minute took part in one of the blockchain space’s biggest events — Consensus 2018! He joined over 8500 attendees and had a lot of exciting talks and discussions with some of the biggest players in the blockchain space.

Welcome to Essentia!

How to: Demo Walkthrough

We hope to enlighten our users on the main features and functionalities currently available in the demo product.

Essentia Partners with UUNIO

New Partnership: UUNIO within Essentia

We are proud to announce a brand new partnership with another highly-promising project, UUNIO – a blockchain-powered Content Reward Platform.

Essentia Welcomes Ran Neu-Ner to our Advisory Board

New Advisor: Ran Neu-Ner and his influence on the project

Today we’re very excited to welcome one the most influential people in the blockchain world to our team of advisors — Ran Neu-Ner. It’s Ran who launched the world’s first televised cryptocurrency show titled ‘Crypto Trader’, which is now the most viewed programme on CNBC.

Essentia KYC/AML Procedure Started

A Step Closer to the Crowdsale: KYC/AML.

The Essentia Team is excited to announce that we have started the KYC/AML procedure. This step is crucial if you want to contribute to the upcoming crowdsale. The procedure is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time, and will be your ticket to the Web 3.0 revolution!

Essentia May Monthly Update

May Monthly Update: multi-language, hardware wallets, KYC, etc.

The update of the month: KYC is now available. We’re doing that for the benefit of us all. You can view the process as a proof of our trustability and earnestness, and we in our turn eliminate any wrongdoers, such as criminals, for example, from participating in our public sale.

Essentia Founder to speak at EDCON

Essentia Visits: EDCON

Essentia co-founder Matteo Gianpietro Zago will be delivering a speech at one of the most famous events in the crypto world — EDCON

April, 2018

Essentia at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles

Essentia Visits: Crypto Invest Summit

Essentia attended Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, April 30 to May 2. The conference offers not only a learning space for everyone interested but also a place where you can directly ask the most successful entrepreneurs and investors your questions and get a comprehensive answer.

Essentia Seoul Meetup (Photo-report)

Meetup After Deconomy: whom we met?

We’re happy to take you back to our latest event — Essentia Meetup after Deconomy. At our exclusive event, we showcased the recent Essentia demo release as well as running discussions centered around actual use cases of the project, latest implementations and updates, our ecosystem and much more.

Essentia and Your Banking Data: A Partnership with ORCA

Essentia ecosystem expanding: ORCA and its banking services

A major objective of the Essentia framework is to create a large network that will link numerous services and applications. With the help of ORCA – the first open banking platform for cryptocurrency users – Essentia will be able to expand its horizons and include all the financial applications to its ecosystem.

Essentia to become first blockchain based solution from Finnish Government through collaboration with MTK

Essentia develops a pilot for Finland: unemployment solution.

In March 2018, Essentia attended four meetings with representatives of the Finnish MTK organization, discussing possible ways of utilizing the Essentia framework. As a result, after a month of brainstorming and discussions, it was agreed that Essentia would become the first blockchain startup to help the Finnish organization in its key objective of reducing the unemployment rate.

Essentia co-founder to deliver a Keynote Speech at the World Blockchain Forum

Essentia Visits: World Blockchain Forum

The Essentia team will be in full attendance at the World Blockchain Forum on April 16–17 in Dubai! Essentia’s co-founder, Matteo Gianpietro Zago will deliver a Keynote speech focusing on the topic of Global Blockchain Adoption.

Essentia Welcomes Moe Levin to the Advisory Board

Another talent onboard: credentials and impact on the project.

This month Essentia welcomes one of the most talented and knowledgeable individuals in the crypto world — Moe Levin.

Essentia April Monthly Update

April Monthly Update: Essentia Demo, Support Form, Popups, etc.

As we approach our public sale the Essentia office’s around the world are becoming increasingly hectic! We don’t mind though, time and work spin away when you believe in the mission. This month’s biggest milestone: we have finally released the Essentia demo.

Essentia’s Events Roadshow

Find Us: A roadshow of the past and upcoming events.

We have no intention of ending our attendance and sponsorship of the biggest events in the crypto-sphere. We want you to know where and when you can meet an Essentia team member and have a chat, so here we’ve prepared a little roadshow of the events, dates and exact places.

March, 2018

Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Founder of Essentia, to Deliver Keynote at the Global Blockchain Forum in California

Essentia Visits: Global Blockchain Forum

Essentia will be presenting at the Global Blockchain Forum on April 2–3 in California. Essentia co-founder Matteo Gianpietro Zago will be delivering a keynote speech on ‘Web 3: Internet of Blockchain — Why It Matters’ at the event.

Essentia to sponsor and Matteo Gianpietro Zago speak at Beyond Blocks Summit in Tokyo on April 4th

Essentia Visits: Beyond Blocks Summit

Members of the Essentia team will be at Beyond Blocks Summit to learn, network and share our vision for the decentralized data management framework we’re building. Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Essentia founder will also be delivering a talk to the conference delegates.

Whitelist & Members Area guide

How to: get whitelisted and navigate user’s Members Area.

The whitelist is officially open at We are inviting you to join us on the exciting journey towards a new, decentralized world. To make your life a bit easier, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to join the whitelist and what you can expect next.

Essentia working together with Akasha to integrate their platform

Essentia partners and integrates Akasha into the framework: details and outcomes.

It was agreed to start working together with Akasha – an Ethereum based social network which provides a secure and censorship-resistant environment for content sharing – shoulder to shoulder.

Essentia Monthly Update

March Monthly Update: saving structure of the configuration files, QR Code, Launchpad, etc.

Step by step, month by month, day by day, we are getting closer to realizing our goal. Today we are going to shed some light on what has been going on at the Essentia offices over the last month.

The Netherlands examining blockchain solutions for border control with Essentia

Essentia offers blockchain solution to the Netherlands: border controls issue.

On Tuesday, the 20th of February, in The Hague, Essentia team was invited to a joint meeting with the Netherlands, where we shared our vision and thoughts on how the blockchain could be leveraged at border control points.

February, 2018

Essentia Progress Update

Essentia Monthly Update: ERC20 token support, decentralized storages, eLogin, etc.

Over the course of the past month, our development team have addressed a number of major tasks. ERC20 token support is now implemented into the Essentia wallet, which is undoubtedly one of the most significant updates.

Introducing the Essentia Token: ESS

ESS Token: basic characteristics, properties, functions within the Essentia network.

The ESS token is much more than simply a proprietary cryptocurrency used to facilitate payments. As the network we’re developing is enhanced, ESS will gain additional utility.

Essentia Welcomes Erik van der Staak and Francesco Fusetti to the Advisory Board

Essentia was joined by the duo of advisors: their credentials and impact on the project.

We’d like to welcome Erik van der Staak and Francesco Fusetti into the fold and we look forward to benefiting from their wisdom and all-round expertise. As we gear up for our crowdsale and prepare to launch the Essentia decentralized framework, this duo of talented advisors will keep us right every step of the way.

Essentia Crowdsale announcement

Crowdsale details: token distribution and prices, cliffs, etc.

We’ve been amazed with the incredible response to Essentia over the last few months. We greatly appreciate the thoughtful feedback and advice we’ve received from our community.

Today we are excited to provide further details on our coin offering and ESS token distribution.

January, 2018

Essentia’s Roadmap and Business Plan are now available!

Roadmap and Business Plan of the project added to the Documents section of the website.

Essentia’s development starting from the Q1 2018 and up to the year of 2020, history, goals, organizational structure, business use-cases, etc.

Essentia joins Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Essentia Joins: Bitcoin Association Switzerland

Essentia is thrilled to be a part of the amazing Bitcoin Association Switzerland – one of the oldest and most active non-profit associations around the topic of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Essentia Announces Sponsorship of The North American Bitcoin Conference

Essentia Visits: The North American Bitcoin Conference

Essentia, the framework to create, access and operate your decentralized digital life, is one of the sponsors of The North American Bitcoin Conference, which is a part of World Blockchain Forum: Investments & ICOs!

Essentia partners with multi-crypto exchange

Flyp.Me API integrated into the framework: benefits for the users.

Essentia has teamed up with to integrate its exchange service into our framework. This will provide multi-currency functionality, enabling users to switch between cryptocurrencies at the push of a button.

New Year, New Look: What’s Happening in the World of Essentia

The first development progress report: partnerships, ecosystem, dApps integrations.

The Essentia team has been hard at work developing our blockchain ecosystem and working with companies to support ESS and build partnerships.

December, 2017

Introducing Essentia: The Framework for your Decentralized Digital Life

Essentia: A Future of decentralization

Started as an underground project and as a smaller idea in Amsterdam a few years ago, Essentia is now the framework to create, store, access and operate your decentralized digital life.

Essentia Announces Sponsorship of the Blockchain World Conference

Essentia Visits: Blockchain World Conference

We’re happy to announce that Essentia, the framework for decentralized operating systems, will be the official sponsor of the “Blockchain World Conference” –  an event where investors, developers, and enthusiasts gather to discuss the hottest topics in the world of decentralization.