Essentia Partners with Blockacademy

An institution dedicated to education in the blockchain sphere through immersive practical courses in different cities across Europe.


Essentia to partner with Cryptograph

Cryptograph is a platform that aims to provide its audience with news, analysis, market predictions, and any relevant issues emerging in the crypto society worldwide.


Essentia Announces partnership with SWIPE

SWIPE is building a data privacy and monetization network that enables App developers and users to monetize their mobile engagement data on the blockchain.


Essentia partners with APIS

APIS is “a masternode mediation platform, that is expected to fulfill the need for easy and stable cryptocurrency investments”.

BitForex and Crypto Capital

Essentia partners with BitForex and Crypto Capital

BitForex is the world’s leading digital assets trading platform dedicated to providing users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency trading services.

Traffic Lab

Finland Govt. Adopts Essentia.One To Build International Blockchain Logistic Hub

Essentia.One has teamed up with the governmental association Traffic Lab to ensure information regarding end-to-end deliveries — such as delivery contents and contact information — are securely and safely accessible to authorized stakeholders.


Essentia partners with international capital firm LinkVC

LinkVC has focused on pursuing “innovative projects backed by passionate, ambitious and forward-thinking leaders through equity investment, digital currency ICO’s and digital currency hedging arbitrage”.


Essentia partners with internationally acclaimed capital firm dFund

As one of the earliest cryptocurrency funds operating within the blockchain economy, dFund has built a reputation based on their wealth of experience.


Essentia Announces Partnership With GANA

“GANA is the blockchain company for the cannabis industry. GANA aims at elevating the cannabis industry to the next level by providing blockchain and artificial intelligence technology integrated features to businesses and regular consumers.”


Essentia Partners with UUNIO

UUNIO is one of the first decentralized Content Reward Platforms where users are given the liberty to engage on social media and even receive rewards for their activity on the platform.


Essentia and Your Banking Data: A Partnership with ORCA

ORCA is the first open banking platform for cryptocurrency users, which is going to build part of its project on top of Essentia.


Essentia to become first blockchain based solution from Finnish Government through collaboration with MTK

As a result, after a month of brainstorming and discussions, it was agreed that Essentia would become the first blockchain startup to help the Finnish organization in its key objective of reducing the unemployment rate.


Essentia working together with Akasha to integrate their platform

Akasha is an Ethereum based social network which provides a secure and censorship-resistant environment for content sharing.

Essentia partners with multi-crypto exchange

We’re pleased to announce that Essentia has teamed up with to integrate its exchange service into our framework.